Returning to the fold
Earlier this week my computer decided to pack up. For me it is like losing a leg. I know it's all about laptops and tablets these days, but for me there is no real alternative to the lumbering colossus that is the desktop. Yes, they may be about as desirable as ye olde CRT televisions, but that has the added benefit of allowing us to obtain them cheaply! Last month Hannah bought a second-hand desktop for all of £10. Dual-core processor, 17" flat screen, the lot. Ten poonds. Keep yer 7" tablet - it's no substitute for a 25" screen on a desk! All I needed was a motherboard with a SATA controller that was willing to function correctly, and that task has been accomplished.

Video time now. These came to my attention via the TV show Rude Tube, and have delighted me no end! First up is an 'experiment' by a Russian troupe calling themselves The Idiots, and sees them literally taking the skin off their backsides! All in the name of research, you understand....

The next one is simple genius. Take a majestic fanfare that is known the world over, and reduce it to a childish flail! I was in pieces when I saw this on TV! It is so simple and so cack-handed in its delivery that it becomes a true delight. What's more - if my life ever needed a piece of music to describe it, then this would fit the bill PERFECTLY!!   If only the logo could have been rendered in Comic Sans....

Until next time, dobranoc!
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