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In October of last year I was waiting at Corby station. An uneventful moment in an unremarkable place. Laptop on my back, Iceland carrier on my arm, and my hands occupied by a ciggie and a can of Rockstar. In pulls a Vauxhall Corsa with a spherical camera arrangement on its roof. The Google Street View car! Wahey!

Google Street View has displayed many amusing sights in the past, such as the guy being sick after a stag-do, the guy emerging from a sex shop, and the idiot to decided to take a pee by a bus shelter in Birmingham. Google Street View has also left me feeling a little uncomfortable. Following the death of his father Reg, Mick Hucknall decided to put his former childhood home up for sale. I decided to have a quick peek on Google Street View at the property itself. Zooming in on the living room window, it was possible to see Reg Hucknall himself sat on the sofa. Even now, that capture from June 2009 is still there for all to see. Talk about ghostly.

Anyhow, back to Corby! Witnessing the infamous vehicle perform its slow journey around the station complex, I decided to gurn at the camera as it came by. Knowing full well that my face would be blurred out when it finally hit the web, I could not resist. Also blurred is the Iceland logo on my bag, and my trusty can of Rockstar energy drink! Come guys, this is not the BBC here! We're not trying to advertise!
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