Fat hate

A former work colleague of mine writes a blog on the subject of being a plus-size person. She has also done a stint of modelling for Evans, a UK clothing store aimed at plus-size women. An example of this is shown above - she is the one on the left.

Today my attention was drawn to the Femail section of the Daily Mail site, where an article on the current success on the high street of plus-size clothing.

Link to article

Reading through the comments that have been left on the article, I am astounded at the level of hatred that is levelled at larger people. More so, those people who have the unmitigated gall to declare their comfort with being a larger person. I know the UK currently has a problem with obesity, and that our TV screens are saturated with programmes about fat people - and I also realise that Daily Mail readers tend to be narrow-minded bigots - but some of the comments are beyond astounding.

First and foremost - IT IS POSSIBLE to be fat and healthy! Lisa Riley proved this on Strictly Come Dancing. My ex-partner Serena proved this with her energetic linedancing skills. So what is it with comments such as "Oink!" and "These girls should wear tents not clothes"? Since when did we require the Nazist views of these fat-hating tossers? People who have probably never seen solid food in years.

All I know is - hateful publications such as the Daily Mail attract a hateful reader. Why am I in the least bit surprised!
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