Windows 7
Windows 7 was released today, and naturally I bought a copy. Unless PC World are running a special offer, the pricing is rather decent over here - £59 for the Home Premium upgrade and £100 for the full Home Premium. I am guessing that after the ug monster that was Vista, Microsoft are being kind.

The installation took a f*cking eternity, but the result is very decent.

People have suggested that Windows 7 will be a make-or-break for Microsoft, and I believe it will be a make. While Vista was far too hungry for some computers, and out of the question for netbook users, W7 puts that right. They listened and they learned, and the result is an operating system that is about 4GB smaller than Vista and a lot less demanding.

Flip3D was innovative, but somehow unnecessary. Far more interesting is the Aero Shake facility. I'll leave that for you to discover. Use with confidence.
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