Sunday, 6 September 2009
8:38 am
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Psychedelic cheese

On Friday at work, I felt a migraine coming on. When I get a migraine, I am afraid it is game over! Work cannot continue when I am losing my balance, and when lights become too bright and sounds become too loud.

While ploughing on as I did, my eye fell on the deli counter where there were some cheese samples available for the customers. Needing some enjoyment during my suffering, I took a cracker with some Stilton-like blue cheese spread on it. I had about three of those crackers in the end. Within five minutes, I noticed my migraine was fading. FAST! Anyone who suffers from migraines will know that they do not go away easily, even with strong medication. Naturally I wanted to know what sort of cheese I had just consumed!

It turns out it was a goat cheese called Blue Monday - created by former Blur member Alex James. Despite my new found relief - and the strange, two-dimensional vision I was now having - I was convinced that cheese had something about it! This link has me wondering too:

Link - Contact Music

So there you have it - If you have a migraine, try Blue Monday! That Blur guy makes cheese that is far out and solid, man!

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