Friday, 27 February 2009
3:48 pm
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Posted by: Fluteboy


I've been upgrading again! Well what else can I do?! Today I nearly ended up throwing my computer out of the window. For the last week or two, Windows would either freeze or restart without warning, and always when I am in the middle of a task. Today I just snapped and thought: "F*ck it!! New motherboard!

Considering that Socket A motherboards for Athlon XP chips are a rarity nowadays - especially fast enough ones - I decided to go for a newer style of board. I am now using an Athlon 64 compatible board. While it can only handle two memory sticks at a time, the processor speed seems to make up for that. Also the computer is running much quieter now! The board and processor have this feature called Cool'n'Quiet, which certainly does just that

So there you have it. More nerdy escapades from the sad, lonely computer anorak. No partner to turn to, just a self-built box that whispers away and doesn't fall over anymore.

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