Monday, 24 September 2007
12:52 pm
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Why did I!

It was back to work today, after a week off work. Not a good week off work, as I was heavily bunged up all the way through it! But last night I had an early night, and I awoke this morning without any difficulty. I kind of looked forward to going back to work. Bit perverse, I know, but there was anticipation as I made my way to work.

To be honest, I wish I hadn't bothered turning up. Within minutes of doing my first task, I was already turning the air blue at the incompetence of the other folk who work there! When I take time off work, I like to think that things will chug along quite nicely without me, and that I can return to a department that is orderly and maintained. The laziness of some people just got me going today. I even turned a customer's head while saying to myself: "Why are we employing these c*nts?" It's nice to be seen as dependable, but I think I am being a little too dependable here. I think people are relying on me to mop up after their incompetence. Every f*cker was turning to me today. Why do I have to be so responsible?

Come lunchtime, I like to go out for a brisk walk. My walk today, was horrible. A cold, relentless wind was making it so unpleasant. And it would seem that this is where it's headed. We had a very poor summer this year, and now begins the six months of gloom. It's going to be a long, cold lonely winter. Who will keep me warm through it?

I hope there will be some happiness through it all. The future is unwritten, that's all I know. Come what may. I'll receive it. But let there be some comfort and some warmth too. We all need some.

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