Monday, 7 March 2022
9:10 pm
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Whatever next

Life is just crazy at the moment. First we had the nonsense that was Brexit divide our country, all to please the millionares and the racists. The election of Trump was no help either, as that just aided and abetted the hotheaded fraternity. Eventually it was delivered, with threats of civil war otherwise. Now I import my vinyl from Europe with 20% slapped on top. It's not as if our f*cking government needs that money! Were we not meant to be £350M a week better off as a result of Brexit?

Once that was done, and the metaphotical drawbridge was raised, we then had COVID to deal with. Deaths happened (in this family too), yet the decent majority followed the rules and allowed us to get through it. All we can do now is pray it remains in its non-lethal guise.

Next, oil and gas prices start to climb uncontrollably, and this saw many utility companies go bust as a result of trying to offer their customers something more affordable. Our electricity has already increased by a third, and will be going up by at least another quarter in April. Like paying £60 a week for our leccy is not enough! Here comes the prospect of forking out £80 per week during colder weather. Many people having to choose whether to heat or eat. It is utterly shameful that a supposed economic powerhouse like the UK is operating like this.

Next? The unstable specimen that is Putin decides he is going to turn Ukraine into a Soviet-style puppet, just like that good old dictatorship Belarus. People are fleeing their homes - complete with cats, dogs and other animals in their tow. I am only glad that Poland is welcoming its Slavic brothers and sisters over the border. Here in the UK we ask our pathetic excuse for a government to show some heart and relax visa rules to allow people in. One MP's bright idea - let them come and pick fruit for six months. I ask you! This is our leadership, folks! To date, we have handed out FIFTY visas. Count them! Rule Britannia eh! Hail Boris! If it were France that were being bombed, what would be our response then? Probably something along the lines of: "Bog off, Froggy!" Let's not beat about the bush - we are sh*t.

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