Thursday, 3 June 2021
6:31 pm
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Picking me apart

Half Spanish, a quarter Irish and a quarter English. That's what I have always considered myself. Yet today's receipt of my DNA testing kitmay only go and add further origins and ethnicities to my mix. Most of all, it will hopefully find a slot for Kath to fit in!

The kit itself has been on a journey of its own. The contents originated in the USA, with the kit coming to me from Germany, and I am required to send my sample to Ireland. Kind of an illustration of what to expect! Inside the box is a tube to spit in, a cone to guide said spit, and a cap that mixes in a blue liquid when screwed on. This tube goes into a bag, then into a box which is sent to them for processing. You then wait 6-8 weeks.

On the family tree front, I have so far managed to go back to my 7X great grandfather. Being a Davies he was clearly of Welsh origin, yet the majority of them still seem to come from Shropshire and a pre-industrial West Midlands.

** Edited to add **

I recently spoke to my uncle (my dad's brother) and he let me know his origins. Assuming my dad's is the same, and that I inherit half of his makeup, my estimate is as follows:
  • Spanish - 50%
  • Irish - 22.5%
  • English/Welsh - 15.5%
  • Scottish - 12%
Auch! Would ye care for a wee dram afore ye go!

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