Picking me apart

6:31 pm : Thursday, 3 June 2021  |  , ,

Half Spanish, a quarter Irish and a quarter English. That's what I have always considered myself. Yet today's receipt of my DNA testing kit may only go and add further origins and ethnicities to my mix. Most of all, it will hopefully find a slot for Kath to fit in!

The kit itself has been on a journey of its own. The contents originated in the USA, with the kit coming to me from Germany, and I am required to send my sample to Ireland. Kind of an illustration of what to expect! Inside the box is a tube to spit in, a cone to guide said spit, and a cap that mixes in a blue liquid when screwed on. This tube goes into a bag, then into a box which is sent to them for processing. You then wait 6-8 weeks.

On the family tree front, I have so far managed to go back to my 7X great grandfather. Being a Davies he was clearly of Welsh origin, yet the majority of them still seem to come from Shropshire and a pre-industrial West Midlands.

** Edited to add **

I recently spoke to my uncle (my dad's brother) and he let me know his origins. Assuming my dad's is the same, and that I inherit half of his makeup, my estimate is as follows:
  • Spanish - 50%
  • Irish - 22.5%
  • English/Welsh - 15.5%
  • Scottish - 12%
Auch! Would ye care for a wee dram afore ye go!

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