Saturday, 1 May 2021
11:56 pm
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You bring the summer

The summerhouse has been ordered, and we are told it will be delivered on Monday 10 May. This is assuming the supplier is able to supply, following the uncertainty of the recent lockdown. The picture above is a mockup, an indication of how it should look when parked in the corner of that recently-paved section of our garden. We are determined to make something of this garden. When we moved here in January 2018, the garden was literally a patchwork quilt of ideas, with just two thin strips of real grass, an abundance of fake grass, and a bloody great concrete foundation for a greenhouse bang in the middle of everything. It needed a good shake-up. Climbing through and under things is not too great when you are mobility-impaired. I can tolerate that but she cannot. She has her step-free access, and she will have her summerbouse.

The amount we have spent on roses. And not just any roses - David Austin roses! Only the best shall do for her. We planted one in memory of our cat Peaches, and three in a row for her grandad. Another thing she wants in the garden is railway sleepers. These start at £20 each, so we may end up just going for concrete edging. That'll be quite sufficient, dear! Cheap, quick, and cheap and quick.

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