Saturday, 10 April 2021
11:21 pm
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I'll tumble 4 ya

Almost 10 years ago we bought Hannah a tumble dryer for her then new flat. Hanging stuff outside is all very well when the weather is agreeable, but draping stuff on radiators is plain ugly, and clothes horses only succeed in getting in the way. Also, having moisture indoors only encourages mould growth. The couple living above Hannah dried their clothing on a rack above their bath, and the bathroom itself was just an absolute state in terms of mould. Having a tumble dryer is essential - even if your home does not provide space for one. We had hers in the bedroom, with the hose hanging out of the window.

That very dryer started showing signs of packing up about a month ago, when it appeared to only function on low heat. This made everything take longer, but we got through. Only yesterday did it decide to pack up, with ice-cold tumbling being all that was on offer. Outside was rain. Radiators were turned up and laden with underwear and socks. A clothes horse was draped in clothing and allowed to get on with it, while a basketload of wet towels and a just-washed bedspread had nowhere to go. Out with the credit card.

This afternoon a new 7 kilo dryer showed up, and finally allowed me to get on top of the backlog. How we got along with the old 3 kilo one, I will never know. Now I can dry a bedspread properly without having to hang it on the shower curtain over the bath. The satisfaction is immense. Hell, I can start washing pillows and not have to wait for a sunny day to dry them!

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