Monday, 30 March 2020
8:54 pm
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Got the city on lockdown

We now enter week two of this beloved Coronavirus lockdown. As Hannah is diabetic and asthmatic, she must stay indoors for another eleven weeks minimum, and I - apart from the daily walk to the local village shop - try to do the same. It is just a matter of finding things to do with ourselves. Last week I mowed both lawns - front and back - and also started painting some shelf units. Something I had been meaning to do, but now there is no excuse for not slapping on the paint and the wax. I shall even tackle that mould on the living room walls tomorrow. Seeing as this is a 1950s property, mould comes part and parcel.

I always thought ordering our prescriptions online would be a good idea. No more having to fill in and submit request slips and collect a couple of days later - but have it done for you online. So I signed up with Echo. For the large part it works well, but the recent goings on have seen me receive just one of my five medications - two weeks after I ordered them! Someone on Twitter was bold enough to actually post me their unused Citalopram tablets, as I had tweeted about running out, and emphasising my genuine fear of not having ready and prompt access to the tablet that steadies me. It is just not good. Thank the Heavens that some people are prepared to do what we are told not to - ie. not share medications. Well desperate times call for desperate measures.

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