Wednesday, 20 June 2018
10:43 pm
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A nose that runs faster than Usain Bolt

Yesterday Hannah and I went to visit her grandad in Letchworth. He is 90 years old and is doing very well for his age. The day went well until my hayfever decided to go extreme. While driving through town I was forever rubbing my left eye and getting no relief. Normally I keep a supply of Piriton to hand as it is the only advertised remedy that does anything for me. The one-a-day tablets like Piriteze and Clarityn are totally useless, so dropping up to six Piriton a day is necessary for me to function. Devoid of any Piriton, I was in trouble.

We parked in a car park, and while Hannah and grandad went to the cafe to order drinks, I dashed off - with hand on eye - in search of a chemist. I needed eyedrops urgently! And to make damn sure this heavy bout was dealt with, I also purchased some Phenergan. Sometimes prescribed as a sleeping tablet, it is my only choice of relief for when my hayfever get truly out of hand. Purchase made, I found them outside the cafe, popped in the eyedrops and swallowed one of the blue tablets.

As mentioned already, Phenergan doubles up as a sleeping tablet, and so the packet advises me that it "may cause drowsiness". What it should say is: "don't make any f*cking plans". I then spent the rest of the visit trying so hard to stay awake. Once home in the evening I was straight to bed. I was up the following morning to greet the engineer who had turned up to inspect our faulty shower, and once he had gone, I was back to sleep again! This stuff is not to be fooled with! When I worked at Sainsbury's, I did a stint on the pharmacy counter, and was shown where the Phenergan was kept, and given a list of customers who were forbidden from purchasing it. That is how bad things can get for some people. I have no desire to be knocked out - only to be able to see properly. Plus Hannah does not appreciate when I sneeze, as it sounds like I am shouting the word "TOSSER!"

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