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You're spoiling us, Ambassador!

Christmas is upon us whether we like it or not, and with that comes all of the adverts on TV. All the major companies bringing us their epic-length ads about monsters under the bed etc. The only one I really care about is the Ferrero Rocher advert that features that wonderful song by Jasmine Ash - entitled Starlight. Seriously, if there was such a thing as a song covered in polka dots, it would be this one. This is fluffy and colourful and dotty beyond measure!

Jasmine Ash - Starlight

Adverts can throw up some wonderful tunes that we may never have heard of. This one from the Pets At Home ad - You Make Me Happy by Sophie Madeliene - is another bundle of happiness.

Sophie Madeliene - You Make Me Happy

Ukulele's are clearly a popular choice when choosing a song for an ad. As with the last one, this uke-based cover of Little Things Mean A Lot by Little Shoes Big Voice was given some welcome airtime by Axa Insurance.

Little Shoes Big Voice - Little Things Mean A Lot

It's not uncommon for advertisers to seek out unheard-of songs by unheard-of artists. Magnet Kitchens did just that by using a song written by 14-year-old Australian schoolgirl Lucinda Nicholls. Her song Inside And Out was used to great effect, even if they were showing us kitchen layouts that would NEVER fit into ANY common small kitchen in the UK! I guess they meant well.

Lucinda Nicholls - Inside And Out

And to finish off, an oddity. When Airmiles decided to rebrand themselves in 2011 as the somewhat Spanish-sounding Avios, they needed something to accompany their Anything Can Fly advert that featured a flying washing machine. I cannot help but wonder what those guys had been smoking when they came up with that one! Iranian artist Leila provided the soundtrack with her ethereal Underwaters.

Leila - Underwaters

For further reading, see my post of Friday 19 August 2015, entitled Pump Up The Reggae. That was the first instance of the Listening Post, and it has only taken me over two years to write the follow up!

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