Done and dusted

Just completed my tax return for the year, and can now relax. Goodness knows how many pages of stuff they want to know, but it's all complete, and there's nothing to pay. Good and bad at the same time. Good that I have no tax to pay, but bad that I am not earning as much as I could! Still let us not complain.

Plus it is one in the eye for the sh*t-stirrers that exist around me. When I started my mobile disco business, I received a crank text from an ex-partner, insinuating that I was earning but not declaring. Also, a member of my family decided to start making similar noise. Why do they bother? All has been declared, HMRC have all the lowdown. I am legal, thank you very much. Take your false accusations and kindly shove off. I have no desire to break the law. I would rather live a boring, blameless life here.

To the ex-partner who made the above accusation: Remember when Social Services ran a check on me - due to my involvement with you - and came back with a clean and empty record? I am proud of that record, and I shall maintain that unblemished record if you don't mind. One stop-and-search in 1993, and nothing else. Blameless and boring, baby!
* * *

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