Sunday, 21 February 2016
1:35 am
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If quizzes are quizzical, what is a test?

Every now and then - usually every two or three months - I have the pleasure of presenting a quiz night at the Cross Keys Inn in Kings Cliffe. A very pleasurable night that always results in generous cash prizes being awarded throughout the night. Tonight saw me host such an event, and it is just a pleasure to play to people who book their tables in advance.

The music quiz was different. Usually I have 25 pieces of music that people need to identify the artist behind, but tonight I took it further. All the songs were from films, and the teams had to identify the film in question. For example: playing the Bee Gees song More Than A Woman should cause you to write down Saturday Night Fever, while Loco In Acapulco should hopefully scream Buster at you. If anyone was worried beforehand that they would not get many correct, they probably ended up surprising themselves. While only a couple of teams knew that Against All Odds featured in a film called Against All Odds, they knew their Born Slippy and their We Go Together, and certainly didn't hold back in the pursuit of singing along.

Doing quiz nights does petrify me, because of my beloved speech impediment. As long as I assemble those words in my head repeatedly before committing them to speech, I am usually OK, but it is horrible when "Waterford crystal" is announced as "Waterford C.....! Um... Waterford crystal". The only slip-up tonight was that rogue burp that wheedled its way out as I was speaking. "I shall tot up the answers for you *BURP* and... oops!!" The whole room was reduced to laughter while I apologised for "having a visitor"!

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