Thursday, 10 September 2015
1:59 pm
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An odd number

Today I have reached the grand age of 43. With the weather actually being kind to us today, here is hoping for a pleasant day. There is a bottle of wine in the fridge, and there will be a meal tonight at that quaint Italian eatery that opened last year that we haven't been in yet. I have already eaten some chocolate, but then, what did you expect!

On the DJ front, I did a wedding last Saturday. The couple chose to have their first dance to a Nickelback song. Who said you have to follow convention! You know it is a sign of the times when the wedding cake comes with a dairy-free layer and a gluten-free layer. Most thoughtful indeed, though I do wonder how they got five varieties of sponge into a three-tier cake.

This came to my attention a couple of days ago. I was hoping for the original 1975 Betty Wright version, and somehow ended up with this. Their name is a little inspired, it has to be said. Apparently their names are Venus, Moon and Mercury, and despite the initial jolt of the untrained vocal in the first verse, this manages to be quite enjoyable!

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