Tuesday, 7 April 2015
2:38 pm
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Laugh? I nearly voted Tory!

Today's post arrived, and there was an envelope for Hannah. If an envelope shows up with an unfamiliar return address, I will usually search the postcode and PO Box number online. This one appeared to be from Marks and Spencer. No concerns then!

She opened it, and it was a letter from that f*cking Prime Minister of ours, David Cameron. A letter asking her to vote him in for another five years. There was no equivalent for me, but then I have never voted for that bunch of idiots.

The only good thing that this Government did was increase the Income Tax allowance from £6,500 in 2010 to £10,500 in 2015. But then, that was only because they were in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, who had been crying out for a proper tax-free allowance for goodness knows how long. With that in mind, I am at a loss to understand how more people are not on the side of the Liberal Democrats like they were back in 2010. Talk about ingratitude.

For the record, I have never voted Tory. I have never been able to bring myself to do so. I can remember their budget of 1988 (I was 15 at the time) when they slashed tax for the richest, while decreeing that 16 and 17 year olds would no longer be able to receive Housing Benefit if they are not working - the assumption being that people under 18 should not even be living on their own in the first place. The result of this was a literal explosion in the number of young people on the streets begging for dear survival. Visiting London's West End was not possible without having to play hopscotch over the many youths begging for money for survival. This was not what a supposedly civilised country was supposed to do for its people. And all people could say to these poor youngsters was: "Get a job". Sickening.

In 1992 I voted for change - which sadly did not happen. The braying toffs got in again and gave us 22 tax rises - having previously promised "tax cuts year on year". In 1997 I again voted for change - and this time got it.

2010 saw the people lose their heads (like those imbeciles who voted George W. Bush back in in 2004) and allow the Eton brigade back in. "We are all in this together", he lied. We now have people losing their homes because they now have to pay for bedrooms they apparently do not need. Even those who once received full Council Tax Benefit due to being out of work are now having to pay 10% of their annual bill from whatever pittance they are provided - the non-payment of which results in bailiffs coming round to seize their property. WE ARE NOT BETTER OFF. This is inhumane, and I want rid of it.

So Mr. Cameron: if you are counting on our votes to allow you and your lot another five years of fun and games, then you can f*ck off and die. You do not deserve our consideration. My partner with her disabilities has already been made to suffer as a result of your bright ideas. Do us a favour - just get lost.

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