Thursday, 10 July 2014
8:04 pm
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Gimme space dammit!

I am one of those damn Android users. While the world seems to be using the iPhone, I get by with the Google-based equivalent. Suits me just fine.

I don't know how this affects iPhone users, but I cannot be the only Android user who despairs at the amount of space that the official Facebook and Twitter apps seem to consume. The Facebook app has a big enough footprint as it is, but when running it seems to fill an additional 30-40 megs of space. I realise this when the phone throws up the "Low space" alert. Twitter is no better either.

Essential apps, albeit ones that are hungry for what precious space you may have on your phone of choice. Help is at hand though - in the form of Tinfoil and Twicca. (Links provided)

Tinfoil is simply a "wrapper" for the mobile version of the Facebook website, and this gives you quick, no-nonsense access to what matters. Simplicity without the kerfuffle.

Twicca provides a simple view of what you are following. It starts with a dark interface, though this can be changed to a light one. Does just what it should do.

While I am at it, the QuickPic app is a very decent alternative to the stock gallery app that comes with Android phones. Small and fast.

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