Thursday, 16 January 2014
9:35 pm
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Posted by: Fluteboy

The cleanup continues

Day three, and the cleanup operation in the property opposite us goes on. So far, the men have managed to fill two cage-type trucks and three skips with furniture and other crud that this troublesome man has amassed during his (apparent) seven-year tenancy.

There is no getting around this - the man was a hoarder. Those poor contractors have had to remove SO MUCH JUNK from the place! The picture above shows us the state of the garden after three days of work. As for those lockers that remain, quite what he needed those for is unfathomable. It now turns out that they, along with that bench seat, were somehow taken from the changing rooms of the nearby prestigious Oundle School.

There will likely be a fourth skip showing up tomorrow, and the whole merry dance shall continue. I guess then they can get on with slapping on the obligatory coat of magnolia paint, and eventually get around to offering this place to someone a lot more deserving.

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