Wednesday, 10 July 2013
7:16 pm
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I don't need this pressure on...

The weather has been somewhat fine of late, with temperatures hitting a sweltering 28°C (82°F). All thanks to that high pressure that is sitting right over the UK. Of course, high pressure doesn't just bring hot weather. It also has the capacity to f*ck up our TV reception. I can remember back in 1983 when, in north London, I was somehow able to receive European radio on the FM band. It was quite an ear-opener for an 11 year old me! That and BBC Radio Sussex...

Last night however, our Freeview reception decided to start dropping out (that's the British digital terrestrial TV, for my non-UK readers). Forty or so channels dropped down to a very sorry eight channels. I wasn't best pleased. Not a big TV watcher, but I was still dissatisfied. After half an hour of scouring the net for any current transmitter issues, I decided to retune the TV. And what an experience that was! The TV registered just one of the six multiplexes from the Sandy Heath transmitter. Then it registered three HD channels from France! Next it started pulling in channels from Crystal Palace in London and from Bluebell Hill in Kent!

So, the ability to get a local service was minimal, while the TV was perfectly happy to receive transmissions from afar. Interesting! Come this afternoon, things seem to have settled a bit more - though the BBC multiplex is still evading reception.

Fortunately one page on the web managed to be of help:

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