Sunday, 29 August 2010
3:15 pm
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Nicky Campbell & a bad cover version

I have watched this video numerous times, and it just amazes me that three guys - intent on making music - can attempt to do so without even paying the blindest bit of attention to one another. The result is the most unbelievable pile of horse you have probably ever heard. I dare you to listen all the way through. Do you think the other guys are somehow holding the guitarist up? And as for the line "Where do we go?" - I have a few suggestions....

That video came to us via Brazil - this one is a little more home grown. Nicky Campbell is a TV and radio presenter in the UK. Listening to the audio on this video, we can hear that he seems to have this 'block' when it comes to saying the phrase "Kent hunt". Understandably legendary, these slip-ups have been given an accompanying cartoon.

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