Thursday, 27 November 2008
12:37 pm
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Posted by: Fluteboy


Today at work, I was going through the Merchandising Action Report. This report involves identifying any discontinued products and removing their price tickets if necessary, then removing them from the system. Today I was performing this task with a female graduate from Sainsbury's head office.

While making our way through the Health & Beauty section of the report, I read out the next product description:- "Such-and-such-brandname, digital tampons, 20 pack". Her response was similar to my thoughts:- "DIGITAL tampons???" We were then highly amused at the thought of an electronic tampon! One that bleeps when it needs changing? Or maybe delivers a jolt of electricity? Lord, how our minds boggled!

Sadly, it turns out that a "digital" tampon is one that comes without an applicator, therefore requiring you to use your DIGITS to install it. How we were disappointed at not being able to find battery-operated ones.

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