Thursday, 15 February 2007
2:29 am
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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Guess what I did tonight, with it being Valentine's night, and all? That's right - I ate out alone. A table to myself, good food and drink - yum!

Of course, some people will always have a problem with such a situation - even to the point where they have to go and speak up about some bloke, who has the audacity to eat out alone on Valentine's night! Just let things be, why don't you? Clearly I did do it to hopefully rub some people the wrong way, and it looks like I did it without any trying whatsoever.

Just don't get me started on Valentine's Day in 1996! That'll go down as one of the most surreal. I'll give you a clue - I was married to Lesley at the time.

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