Wednesday, 31 August 2005
9:26 pm
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At last - a new entry!

Is it me, or does organic fruit have more flavour than regular fruit? Brought some organic pears home tonight, and somehow they taste more like pears! Funny that. I think I'm becoming a convert. I'll admit it's not the cheapest way to eat, but the extra flavour in these organic products is quite a revelation.

Above is a lovely picture. It already features on Julie's blog, but I like it that much I'm going to share it again. Taken above the M1 motorway near Watford. This was near the end of a wonderful two hour walk in the countryside. The weather was lovely and warm, as it has been today. Sweltering today, in fact.

I do like my long walks, and Julie is becoming a convert too. It seems to be paying off too. Tonight, my weight stands at 13 stone 4 pounds (186 pounds, if you are American). Where's it all going? I've just climbed into those old 34 inch white jeans of mine. While they are a little tight now, I'm sure I can surprise Julie next week by looking that little bit more desirable! Not that I even need to try with Julie. Everything is so natural with us. I be me, and she wubs me!

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