It's nobbut for sale!

Today Hannah and I went to Peterborough city centre to buy her a tablet. Not of the pharmaceutical variety, but of the seven-inch swiping variety. And we came home with nothing. All thanks to a website that tells lies.

It's January sale time, and just like every other store, Argos - they who brought us the Book Of Dreams - had tablets up for sale. So I went online looking for a good deal, and literally every bloody tablet had sold out - at both the Peterborough and Corby stores. All except for one model, which was apparently available at the Peterborough store. So I reserved it.

We get to the store, and the reservation did not even happen. The site misled us into thinking a tablet would be available. Nothing available. Every damn model sold out. What is going on? Are people buying tablet computers in bulk? Selling them for a profit on the net? It is just astounding that we could not lay our hands on a single affordable tablet. It left both of us feeling very low! So we went and drowned our sorrows in a bag of Dinky Donuts.

Argos are lying scum. Their website is an unreliable piece of sh*t. There, I've said it. I hope they go out of business. That's not a controversial thing to say, is it?
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