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I am aware that this blog has its readers, because the Blogger page count tells me so! What I could not understand was the lack of input from those readers. Something told me that this could be due to that standard-issue comment box not working anymore. I can just visualise some poor sod in Wales typing something and hitting "Post" - only for it to go nowhere fast. Przepraszam!

So now there is a comment box thingy at the bottom of every post courtesy of Disqus. A couple of test comments appear to have done something, so let us hope it works for my readers. Send me some words please! I know you are out there, I can hear you breathing!

How about some musical magic? Something to caress your ears? I was introduced to the music of Sia Furler years ago by Stevi (who also used to comment on my blog!), and was intrigued by her music. A few weeks ago on Easter Sunday, she appeared on a Michael McIntyre show performing her song Big Girls Cry. That performance was very moving - even if she was singing it from beneath a lampshade.

Another source of interesting music seems to be Dermot O'Flermot and his Saturday show on BBC Radio 2. Irish indie band The Villagers performed a truly astounding live rendition of Carly Simon's James Bond staple Nobody Does It Better.

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  1. Does this thing work? Is it plugged in?


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