Stone to the bone
Hannah has been in hospital since Saturday evening. She had been experiencing severe abdominal pain since Friday and things eventually became just too much. Gall stones are being suspected, though only a scan can tell. She was to have the scan today, though they have pushed it to tomorrow.

As for me, I visited a gym for the first time in fifteen years. My weight has become a concern once again, and with arthritis in both of my feet, a loss of lard should be of some benefit.
* * *

You know you came this close
This morning at eight we were already up and washed, ready for the heating contractors to install our new boiler. This has been a long time coming. At long last that 30 year old back boiler/gas fire has been removed from the living room. A ghastly-looking thing that was annoyingly off-centre and a little lopsided too. Even if you don't happen to suffer from OCD, this would still have you climbing the walls! In goes an A-rated boiler (to replace that D-rated one), and to top it all off, new radiators for each room.

Only trouble is - all is not finished yet. The radiator for the main bedroom awaits installation, the installation of which caused the person in charge to give up! There were five folk working here, and the leader of the pack, a no-nonsense Scouse woman, gave up. Her response kind of reminded me of that YouTube video The Angriest Guitar Player in the World. "Oh that's it, THAT'S FOKKIN ITTT!!"

So with the job half-done, and the guys returning tomorrow morning, we have no hot water. Great!
* * *

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