A lack of water
'Tis a cold and blowy Saturday morning, and the water has been cut off. First they aimed to get things flowing again by 8:00, and now the site is telling me 10:00. Something tells me it is going to be much later than that.

The weather has not been kind this year! The ground is still heavily saturated round here. Local rugby pitch still under water. Playing fields under water. Local mill under water and shut until the new year. I dread to think how much money is being lost because of all this. All I know is it will be expensive, if not impossible, to insure in future.
* * *

New Myspace
Remember Myspace? Of course you do! It was that site where we used to go before Facebook and Twitter took over. It looked cack, but we dressed it up with a plethora of garish-looking profile layouts. Some people went further and loaded their profiles with all manner of flash-based gizmos and games, thus ensuring your browser fell right over when trying to load all the YouTube videos, music players and that all-singing, all-dancing game of Kevin the Wondersheep!

They then tried to turn it into something called My_____ - which just confused the heck out of people, and gave us profiles that just took forever to load. Sure it was nice to be able to read the text properly, but some people were not best pleased when their horrid emo layout had been taken away from them. I personally was a little upset when I realised my trusty Tesco Value layout was now no longer of any use!

Now - Myspace appears to be back in a tablet-friendly stylee, and I managed to persuade them to let me have a place on it. Still aimed squarely at the music fan, and taking a lead from the likes of Pinterest. Tablet users should have no problems with the horizontally scrolling nature of the site.

I also have five invites to spare. Anyone want one? Let me know!

* * *

The small print

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