Something to chew over - should Hallowe'en carry a health warning? According to our beloved Chris from Crouch End, that is exactly what should be happening!

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Stay safe
My thoughts are with the good folk in the east of the USA and Canada. Just stay safe, however you manage that. All I know is, Britain just does not suffer weather-wise what the USA has to. We had "Hurricane Fish" 25 years ago, but apart from that, are very lucky indeed.
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Hold on to yer hats
'Tis very blowy out there. I guess the summer is over now! Time for hats and hoodies again, and turning on the central heating - thus giving my money to British Gas. Damn.

Not much fun smoking a pipe outdoors in this wind either - it burns hotter and makes it very hard to even hold the pipe. Guess I am revealing my age here....

Anyhow, video time again. For some reason I was watching this last night. And old episode of Top Gear which pays homage to that loveable old East German vehicle - the Trabant. I was surprised to learn that they continued to produce the car up until 1991 - despite being horribly out of place in a free Europe. Even if it did now come with a 1.1 litre Polo engine, fourth gear and a petrol gauge! I know - A PETROL GAUGE! The decadent capitalist pigs!

Keep warm if you can!

Incidentally, it would be nice to here from some of my old blog readers again. Stevi? Vic? Wendy? Yagi? Clair? Desy? Come on in! And anyone else I care to have missed!
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Smell that muffin!
I dare you to watch this and not laugh! Fern and Phil will always be the greatest.

And this ad amuses me no end!

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After a serious absence, here returneth a blog from me. I guess the done thing will be to announce some changes that happened recently:

  • Friday 7 September - Moved out of London to a quiet, even quaint part of Northamptonshire. Lord knows I need to slow down.
  • Monday 10 September - Turned 40. Another reason for me to slow down!
  • Saturday 20 October - Gave a housewarming party. Treated some fine folk to food and live music.

And so far, that is it. More to follow, I am sure.
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