Thought for the day
If gh is the p sound in hiccough
If ough is the o sound in dough
If phth is the t sound in phthisis
If eigh is the a sound in neighbour
If tte is the t sound in gazette
If eau is the o sound in plateau

Then the correct spelling of potato must surely be: ghoughphtheightteeau
* * *

Now That's What I Call Music
It was in November of 1983 when EMI/Virgin released the very first "Now" album.  With 30 tracks - including 11 number ones - it was essentially a "who's who" of 1983. Of course, who would have thought that 25 years on, they would still be thrashing out the series. Here in the UK, we are currently up to Now 71!

For the longest time, I have felt that they should re-release this wonderful compilation, so that those of us who owned it on vinyl or tape can enjoy it again properly, and also for the younger folk to get a taste of how it all started.  And there are many tracks on it that manage to appeal to today's younger listener.

Well yesterday, they did just that. The original track listing, in the original sleeve. Statistics? Well consider these:
  • Phil Collins appears twice - once as himself, and once with Genesis
  • UB40 and Culture Club appear twice each
  • Kajagoogoo/Limahl appear three times, either with or without one another.
And to think we used to listen to songs like Safety Dance, Double Dutch ("Hey ebo-ebo-ebonettes!"), and of course, (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew!

Why not take a trip back 25 years and remember the days of yore!
* * *

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