Making myself f*cking lovely!
A genuine clothing shop in Seoul, South Korea (see above).

I can honestly imagine such a shop in Wood Green, north London!
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I've read all I need to read today
Today is the day some bloke by the name of Kurt Cobain died. He apparently led this band called Nirvana, who gave us some of the most appalling music known to man. In fact, to call it music is to insult music itself. They really were terrible. Quite why their album Nevermind is so revered, I will never understand. A pile of twisted noise to say the very least.

Just read the following on someone's page:

"I had your posters on my wall. I dreamt of being your wife."

That second bit there just has me despairing. Since when did we start idolising scruffy drug addicts? Just what did that man give us that was so important? It's not as if his lyrics even meant anything worthwhile! "And I forget just why I taste - oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile." OH YES! GREAT CONTRIBUTION THERE! THANK YOU F*CKING WORDSWORTH!!! The world was really waiting for THAT!!!

The man was a druggie, for crying out loud. He brought a child into this world, and then deprived that child of their father by blowing his brains out. When did that become a desirable quality in a man?? Fourteen years have passed since this pathetic specimen left this planet, and still people take time out to commemorate him. I don't get that. In fact, I despair. We have lost something.
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