Meatheads united

Tonight I decided to visit The Nelson for a little karaoke action. Lysa had something up her sleeve tonight - people would sing two songs in a row. My two were The Eagles' Take It To The Limit and Alison Moyet's That Ole Devil Called Love. The first song was a tester, to say the least, while the second one made me come alive.

As for the clientele - well.... meatheads. Beer-swilling, football-supporting, knuckle-dragging, microphone-banging meatheads. Roll on Saturday night, with its more manageable crowd.

As I left, the Irish woman sat at the bar tugged on my coat and told me to go back and sing another as I was "The only decent singer"!
Behind those eyes of blue

Went to the karaoke last night. For those who wonder, Tuesday nights I go to Mutley's karaoke at the Queens Head near Turnpike Lane. Some may remember it as been a notorious bikers pub. It's a slight saner nowadays.

Last night made me happy, happy, happy. At long last, I got to sing the Paul Carrack song Eyes Of Blue. Boy, have I been waiting an eternity to find it on any karaoke anywhere! It was a fairly minor hit back in early/mid 1996 - I believe it only got as high as #33 - but some of us just embrace a song like that. So there is a song I will come back to time and time again!

This morni..... er, afternoon, I emerged from my bed, stuck to the ceiling by a great zeppelin of snot. Had a good nose blow, and then made the mistake of trying to speak. The loveliest honking sound emerged! Where's my normal voice? Normally I have this monotone drawl, which is enough, I can assure you. What I have now is something completely else. I'm sat here singing Wand'rin Star in the style of Lee Marvin - with an incredible degree of perfection too!

Anyway, last night - I went to the karaoke, and sang the Take That number A Million Love Songs. Poor Justin was none too happy. He doesn't really seem to like Take That. I reassured him by promising to sing it in the style of Ken Barlow and not Gary Barlow!
And espouse no wart

The title of a recent bit of spam. This one amused me!

The Shorts are out! The Gap is Good! Take advantage!
All things come to he who waits.
Patience is a virtue.
Man with four balls can't walk.

Thanks for that, "Robbie Mullen"! Talking of spam, what happened to those ones about septic tanks? I kinda miss them. They were so ridiculous!
Karaoke and Dubya

Blimey - another blog entry! I'm on a role! Or a roll, even.

A fairly reasonable night at the karaoke last night. A couple of nobheads were thrown out for being a little too boistrous. That Lysa takes no shit from men!

Little Miss Kate Bush (AKA Tina Linsey) didn't show up in the end, so I didn't get to do my Peter Gabriel duet. I did Simple Minds' Don't You (Forget About Me) and, by request, Harry Belafonte's Jump In Line (Shake Shake Senora).

Here's a clip for you. I know this guy is not renowned for his intelligence, but listening to this just has me worried - especially that last "Derrrrh!!" I mean, there's just nothing going on up there! And he's the most powerful man in the world? We're doooomed!!
Watching the Detectives

Here is one for the comedy fans. Recently, the BBC have been decent enough to bring out a series of DVD's of The Detectives - a sitcom starring Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell. I used to watch it with enthusiasm. I've always been a fan of Jasper Carrott, and this show was just hilarious. Now you can buy the first three series on DVD. I bought the first one yesterday, and it is just lovely to see those two characters arseing around once again!
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